Caiyang Yin (also known as Curtis Yin) is a contemporary jewellery artist based in the U.K, currently working as an artist in residence in School of Jewellery, Birmingham City University.


Most of his work has a sense of sculptural aesthetics, in which both traditional and modern techniques are adopted to express the author’s ideas and feelings, especially the view of people’s statement of mind in this fast-paced society.

He regards contemporary jewellery as the physical projection of people’s ideas, emotions or attitudes, and he believes that contemporary jewellery should not be limited by any specific craft, format or material. On the contrary, these elements are supposed to be decided and composed by the needs of the artist’s expression in reverse. Therefore, contemporary jewellery does not have to be aesthetically pleasing in general value as long as it makes enough sense.

Education Background:

2011-2015 Bachelor of Art in China University of Geosciences (Wuhan)

2016-2018 Master of Fine Art in University of Edinburgh (Edinburgh College of Art)

2015-2019 Master of Fine Art in China University of Geosciences (Wuhan)


2012 National Scholaship, Wuhan, China

2012-2015 Chow Tai Fook Scholarship, Wuhan, China

2015 Excellent Graduate(UG), China University of Geosciences, Wuhan, China

2017-2018 Highly Commended in GEMSET Jewellery Design Competition, Edinurgh

2018 Scottish Goldsmiths Trust Precious Metals Grant, Edinburgh

2019 GC&DC Awards, the Podolsky Award, London

2019 GC&DC Awards, Gold Award in Precious Jewellery(silver), Lnodon

2019 GC&DC Awards, Silver Award in Fashion Jewellery, London

2019 GC&DC Awards, Craft Section, Silver Award in Chasers Junior, London

2019 Goldsmiths' Fair Graduate Bursary, London

2019 Excellent Graduate(PG), China University of Geosciences, Wuhan, China

2021 GC&DC Awards, Gold Award in Conceptual Jewellery, London

2021 GC&DC Awards, Gold Award in Jeweller Craft Section, London

2021 GC&DC Awards, Bronze Award in Precious Jewellery in silver, London

2021 GC&DC Awards, Bronze Award in Ready-to-Wear Jewellery, London

Exhibitions and Fairs:

2017 Hong Kong International Jewellery Exhibition, Hong Kong

2018 Best of Graduates, Glasgow

2018 Edinburgh College of Art Fraduate Exhibition, Edinburgh

2018 NewDesigner, London

2018 Elements Festival (graduatet exhibitor), Edinurgh

2019 NewDesigner One Year In, London

2019 GC&DC Award Winner Exhibiton, London

2019 International Jewellery London, London

2019 Atistar Jewels(invited), Milan

2019 Cluster Jewellery Edition, London

2019 Goldsmiths' Fair, London

2019 Beijing International Jewellery Art Exhiition, Beijing

2019 China International Jewelry Fair, Beijing

2020 GC&DC 2019 Award Winners Retrospective Exhibiton, London

2020 Growth & Evolution International Jewellery Exhibition(invited), Beijing

2020 DBC International Art Jewelry Expo, Beijing

2020 Goldsmiths' Fair, online

2020 Goldsmith North(invited), Sheffield

2021 Elements Festival, Edinburgh

2021 Goldsmiths' Fair, London